How to Build a Passive Retirement Portfolio

How to Build a Passive Retirement Portfolio

Do you hand your savings to a pension fund? Why not invest yourself? Article originally published at Master Investor Magazine October 2019 Issue 55 p.36-41.

Individual investors and family planners usually hand their money to pension funds and other institutional investors when the time to save for retirement comes. But, managing retirement funds is not that difficult. In fact, you can set your own savings plan with just two ETFs. You can build a highly diversified portfolio with just those two ETFs.

Still, for the more adventurous, investing in stocks may come less risky than many think, in particular when the investment horizon is the long-term.

The odds of loosing money in a well-diversified portfolio of stocks in a five-year interval are small. If we increase the interval to 10 years, the odds are very low indeed. If we stretch the interval a little further, stocks just look like safe havens.

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