How To Build An ESG Portfolio

How To Build An ESG Portfolio

Why not go environmental, social and governance friendly? Article originally published at Master Investor Magazine November 2019 Issue 56 p.36-41.

ESG investment is a strategy that adds environmental concerns, social awareness and good corporate-governance practices to traditional financial analysis. Unlike what many thank, this is not a traditional filter but rather a new way of investing, which doesn’t need to sacrifice on returns.

ESG investors choose companies on the basis of the ESG attributes they demonstrate. While higher ethics standards may lead companies to rank higher in ESG filters, that should be because such standards are expected to maximise long-term profits. The ESG criteria added to the investment process are expected to improve the risk-return profile.

It’s not just possible to build a core ESG portfolio – it’s desirable, as it should improve the long-term expected return while reducing risk.

Find out more about being environment, social and governance friendly without sacrificing returns, by reading my full article at Master Investor, for free.

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