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Faang stocks have been rising fast during the last many years. But, as the expansion phase of the business cycle is coming to a late stage, some in the group started falling apart from the other. Which of them have the best prospects? Article originally published at Master Investor Magazine November 2018 Issue 45 p. 38-45.

Apple is not cheap but it seems like a quality business

Unless management is able to create some moat, Netflix will be in trouble very soon

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google all lend a letter of their name to the acronym Faang. But they’re really not a homogeneous group. While they all seem overvalued by some measure, Apple and Facebook are the shining ones that may worth an investment. Amazon’s business is great but the stock is way overvalued; Netflix is so easily replicable than at current prices it is just to pass and Google is so so in terms of prices.

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