The Macro Investor

The name The Macro Investor comes from a column I used to write (and still do) at the British e-magazine The Master Investor. The key idea, when that column was created, was to analyse investments from a top-down perspective, departing from economic analysis to then select investment themes that could be used to invest in specific assets. The range of topics covered has been expanded over time, and currently I write on diverse topics. Still, I’m always faithful to two goals: first, the macro analysis is always present (even if indirectly); second, the article must be of use for an individual investor willing to invest.

My name is Filipe Rodrigues da Costa and I was born in Lisbon, Portugal. Currently, I spend a significant part of my time in Porto, Portugal as I’m a lecturer at University of Porto (Faculty of Economics) and at P. Porto. I’m finishing a PhD in Finance on my early 40s, as I spent many years away from academia and only at my late 30s I decided to come back!

Over the last five years, I have been teaching Financial Markets & Investments, and Monetary Economics to undergraduate students of BSc Economics. I have also been teaching Introductory Economics to students of BSc Communication Sciences, who are from Arts and Humanities and then are much less tilted towards math and economics. But, this last group have taught me that everything from economics to investment can be translated into simple concepts that everyone can understand and apply. With this in mind, my writing goal is to translate rigorous theoretical concepts into simple practical ideas that the enthusiast can use.

The is built from such background!

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